Spokesperson Frédéric Cloutier


We met him at the Salon du Vélo in 2019. As he walked past our kiosk, my brother cried out “Hey, this is Sergeant Jerome!” Since my brother is a former reserve soldier, we all thought he recognized someone from the military. So, no one reacted. Suddenly, Frédéric Cloutier stopped to say hello.

He learned about our project. We realized that “Sergeant Jérôme” was not an army guy, but a character in the show that some might recognize “District 31”!

Frédéric Cloutier is a super nice guy, a ball of energy, a fan of cycling since his childhood, an enthusiast and a collector of bikes. Our cyclostation concept immediately appealed to him. Together we share the same values and a vision of the future for our children in a healthy environment.

We are proud to have him as our spokesperson for Cyclostation Mavélocity. As he puts it so well, he is an actor, athlete, cycling artist and above all our target client!

Mavélocity team, Isabelle, Alexandre & Louis