Mavélocity movement



1. Stay Healthy and Fit!
The bicycle develops cardiac endurance and allows better oxygenation of the leg muscles. While pedaling quietly, an adult burns 4 to 5 calories per minute, that is to say 3 to 4 times more than at rest.

2. Save Time
Many studies and the daily experience of cyclists proved it with sufficiency: on bicycle, one often passes the cars! The majority of urban travel distances being rather short (e.g. 50% of the distances made by car in urban areas are less than 5 km), bicycle saves time.

3. Save Money
Each car trip replaced by a bicycle saves society 60 ¢/km (costs of health, accidents, pollution…).

4. Have Fun
The bicycle is relaxing, thus making it possible to reduce the level of stress at work. Indeed, the risks of anxiety are decreased partly by the exercise carried out and also by the pleasure of riding a bicycle. Decompress while returning home from work!

5. Keep Our Planet Green
The bicycle does not consume fossil energy, does not pollute and does not make noise. In contrast, 50% to 70% of fine dust and nitrogen oxide released in the air comes from automobile traffic. The more bicycles on our streets, the better will be the air quality that we breathe.

6. Productivity
Employees who commute to work are less stressed, more alert, and take fewer sick days.

7. Morale & Corporate Image
By promoting bicycle commuting as a desirable option, you are conveying a green, money-smart, people-oriented image to your employees, your clients, and your competition.