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In March 2020, like everyone else, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic and its repercussions on daily life surprised us.

The reality of start-up companies means that we must continually expect unexpected obstacles and prepare as best we can for any eventuality. A pandemic was the last thing we could expect as an obstacle that was not directly related to our daily operations, in fact nobody expected it!

The long-term repercussions of this pandemic are still unknown to all. The Covid 19 literally pulled the rug out from under our feet! We have been working hard for 3 years for an upcoming opening. We were a few days away from launching our crowdfunding campaign and we were a few weeks away from signing the rental of our first location.

Within a week, all the actions that were planned had to be put aside temporarily for an indefinite period. Despite everything we consider ourselves lucky. Many businesses will not get through this crisis. For us it was only a postponement.

Well here we are again! It’s now and WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Lucky in our bad luck, Devimco still has the perfect spot for our first bikestation. We are missing a little push to guarantee our location in Brossard's Solar Uniquartier.

Visit our crowdfunding campaign on La Ruche/Mavelocity.
Above all, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support through this great adventure.